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 My Characters and what RP's they are in

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Chuckles the Genie
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PostSubject: My Characters and what RP's they are in Sat Nov 23, 2013 11:32 am

Name: Alucard

Weapon of choice: Rapier

Class: Royal - Master Swordsman - Gambler

Age: 27

Foresight - Alucard can see his enemies every movement and predict what their next action will be. He slows down time around him within a certain vicinity so that he can watch everything that goes on, as soon as something enters the vicinity it will automatically slow down until the spell has worn off.

Vague d'épées - strikes his sword at the enemy in a flurry that cannot be seen by a human eye.


Name: Ryu the Lone Samurai

Weapon of Choice: Katana

Class: Samurai

Age: 17

History: Ryu was born in a small village not to far from a major trading hub. He grew up with the teachings from his father who was the resident samurai fast forward a few years and Ryu's village was destroyed by a group of bandits and Ryu was the only one left alive, he now travels the world looking for mercenary work

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Concealed Always
Concealed Always

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PostSubject: Re: My Characters and what RP's they are in Mon Nov 25, 2013 4:13 am

They look pretty cool, especially the first one Very Happy

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My Characters and what RP's they are in

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