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 Unoti's Characters

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PostSubject: Unoti's Characters Wed Feb 26, 2014 4:48 pm

Basic Info
Name: Unoti Hashaco
Title: King of the Hashaco Clan
Race: Drow
Age: 276
Age Appearance: Later 30s due to a curse
Unoti Hashaco:
Status: Married
Sexuality: Straight

Powers: Energy Manipulation: Is able to bend, control, and manipulate all forms of energy as long as he remains focused.
Weapon of Choice: Bo Staff (Weapon in picture is sealed away)

Alignment: Neutral
Motives: Knowledge
Fears: Not being able to gain knowledge and not being able to protect his family.

Positive Traits: Quick to think and react.
Negative Traits: Relies too much on his powers
Mannerisms: Condescending towards those less knowledgeable than him. Looks at everything in great detail and tries to never make a mistake.
Miscellaneous Quirks: He tends to question everything and always wants to gain more and more knowledge.
Quote: My story isn't one that should be told. It should simply be lived by the ones who lived it.

Place of Birth: Unknown
Place of Residence: The Hashaco manner
Parents: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Education: Little (wonders in search of knowledge)

Childhood: Was left for dead by his parents for having strange abilities. Was found by his teacher who raised him to adolescence within the Hashaco clan. The clan his father and mother were the prince and princess of.

Adolescence: Was trained in ancient arts of fighting and controlling his unique power.  He would one day come home and find his former teacher on the floor dead. From here he would leave the Hashaco clan and start his journey for his quest of knowledge.

Adulthood: He meets up with a ditz of a woman named Ednissca and would become infatuated with her even though at first he found her quite annoying. After each of his journeys he would visit Ednissca to tell her about his stories. Soon they were married and had Unoti's first child Illias Hashaco. After sealing away his primary weapon and his most power technique Unoti and his new family look to rekindle the clan he once held dear.


Basic Info
Name: Naoki Arito
Arcana: Chariot
Personality: Naoki is constantly striving to get better when it comes to his mind. For him advancing his mind is what truly matters.
Weapon Of Choice: Feet and Fists
Naoki Arito:
(He has brown hair edited picture will come soon)

Persona Info
Persona: Ara Mitama
Abilities: Agi, Cleave

Ultimate Persona Info (Not Yet Unlocked)
Persona: Ares
Abilities: Agidyne, Maagindyn, Cruel Attack


Basic Info
Name: Justin Halloway
Age: Late 20s
Occupation: Detective
Weapon of Choice: Police issued pistol
Justin Halloway:
Bio: Justin is an ace detective in New York City. Having been called on to solve several different cases throughout his life. He has been called upon yet again to solve another case. Though this time it looks as though he may be the target of the killer himself.


More Characters May Be Added Later

"Strength is only earned through sacrifice and I have sacrificed much to get where I am" ~ Unoti Darkasakage
"My Story isn't one that should be told. It should simply be lived by the ones who lived it." ~ Unoti Hashaco
"Though we are all different, we all still strive for some goal in life. It is the drive and will to achive our goal that determines where we get in life." ~ Ichigo Omamoto (RIP)
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Unoti's Characters

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