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 May Your Dreams Be On Your Side

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PostSubject: May Your Dreams Be On Your Side Mon Oct 13, 2014 1:25 am

This is from a RP and it's 100% fictional, I don't know why I just got bored and made this.

"Sweet child please close your eyes
Sleep until the sun will rise
And I end my little lullaby with
May your dreams be on your side"

No-one knows the tale of
How I got that phrase
But today I have the will to share
So sit back and get ready for the tale.

My dreams are very special
Or so I think they were
They tied into my real world
Even my lost friend.

He called himself Ure, backwards for Eru.
That's what I know as L.
I lost him about a year ago
Now I have to guts to tell.

He protected me in my dream
Until one horrible night
I was running through a battle
And saw him losing the fight.

He saw me and mouthed the words
"Its okay sweet heart ill see you soon"
And said "After this may your dreams be on your side."

This is my tribute to my faithful L.
I play your lullaby when things get sad
And know I spread your quote to me
Because no-ones dreams deserve to be bad.

I love you all my greatest friends.

May your dreams be on your side.
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May Your Dreams Be On Your Side

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