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PostSubject: Pathfinder Wed Nov 27, 2013 10:01 am

Quote :
Pathfinder grew as an expansion of Dungeons and Dragons 3.5. It takes the best of everything that 3.5 had to offer, fixes some of the more outstanding problems, and presents an entirely new setting that breathes new life into the familiar game system. The result is a unique campaign world with a rich backstory, a plethora of new options for familiar characters, and plenty of room to grow and expand.It uses a simple mechanic; just roll a twenty-sided dice (an icosahedron, dont’cha know?), add in any applicable modifiers, and compare the result against a target number either assigned by the Dungeon Master or a table of typical target numbers. If you beat the target number, you succeed at the action.For me, what makes Pathfinder so cool is the campaign world that they have established. If it is a common fantasy trope or a real-world culture, the Pathfinder world has an analogue to it. A county of elves? Got it. An India-like setting with maharajah? Yep. A vast and dark jungle region? Right here. A land of samurai and ninja? You know it. A proud warrior culture that raids other lands? Uh-huh.In short, Pathfinder offers you all the adventure you could ever want or need, along with a familiar, but original way to play!
Ever played this table top RPG?

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