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 Hope Rides Alone

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PostSubject: Hope Rides Alone Hope Rides Alone I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 23, 2015 7:45 am


I have seen those words so much throughout this city. Men have fallen to those words; Heroes have risen and fell from them. The last hero this city had still lives, or, I overheard he still lives. His name was Mega Man, or, Rock. He’s half man and half machine, a creation of Thomas Light. Every time I ask about Dr. Light, people tell me to keep quiet. I didn’t understand why they told me this. I never did, and most likely never will. Before I say more I should probably explain myself. My name is Emily. I am 15 years old. I live in a city where hell has risen and is run by a man named Albert Wily. My name seems to have a meaning to this city, people tell me she was the first casualty of when this city was overrun, and others tell me she was murdered by one she loved. I don’t know why they would name me this, but they did. Every day and night the robots keep their patrols, keeping a close eye on us. There’s only one place they don’t patrol, the grave of a Fallen Hero. Even his grave was defaced with ‘Hope Rides Alone’. Sometimes I sit there and ask if he can somehow send help. I know the city thinks hope is lost, but I believe that even now there is hope for man. I got that from the stone:

You have heard me tell his story
Many times before you sleep
No matter how dark the city gets
Even now there is hope for man.

I’m guessing those were words of Thomas Light. I have hope. I know a hero will rise one day to get rid of Wily’s darkness. I want to see that day. I pray for it.

Emily closed the journal she kept at her side, sighing before looking at the grave next to her. Her heart sank when she read the words once more. She stood, leaving a rose at the grave, “I’ll find a way. I promise.” She stepped down from the grave, a citizen looking up to her, “Are you out of your mind, Emily?? What if the robots see you??”

“Relax its fine.”

“You’re not a part of the Light Brigade are you?”

“What’s the Light Brigade?”

The citizen closed her mouth with an expression of fear striking her.

“Tell me about the Brigade, please.” Emily’s walked up to the woman.

“No, Emily it’s not safe.”

“It isn’t even safe here!! You can get killed for even walking on the wrong side of the line!”

“That isn’t true!”

“It might as well be true!!”

The two went into silence; Emily began to walk down the street, mumbling to herself. The woman sighed, catching up to Emily.

“I-I’m sorry, Emily. Ever since your parents died I just want to keep you safe.”

Emily turned back and glared at the woman. Her parents had died to Wily’s wrath when the city had thoughts about rebellion. She didn’t remember much of that day. She remembered a blast of blinding light, and the chanting repeating and repeating, ‘We are the Dead.’ This was 12 years ago. “We don’t speak of that, Cass.” Emily softly spoke before walking once more. They began to walk to the western part of the city, there was their home. Well, it wasn’t really a home, it was an orphanage. Cassidy is the woman in charge of the orphanage, and she was also a close friend of Emily’s mother. She promised she would keep Emily safe from the dangers of the city, and she planned to keep that promise. As they walked to the orphanage Emily walked into her room without a word being spoken. She closed the door behind her and locked it, sighing before turning to the window. Emily walked to the window, drawings hung up along the wall so the robots couldn’t see them. They were drawings of the living and fallen hero. There were few drawings of a man with a green helmet and a leather jacket, but she had no name for him. For now she called the man ‘Red’ because of the shining red light from behind the visor. She stared into the window to see the grave of the fallen hero in the distance. She smiled before sitting on her bed and looking through the window once more.

“I promise.”

Thats all i have for the most part, if you like it, tell me what you think and i may continue this story!
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Hope Rides Alone

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