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 [Affiliate] Milkacrea

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PostSubject: [Affiliate] Milkacrea Fri Dec 26, 2014 3:16 am

Hello RPG Lovers!

Some of you may heard of Milkacrea in the past. RPGLounge is the only site which support us. They give out beta keys to their members and thus.. promote us. We would like to affiliate with RPGLounge as we grow bigger. Currently, we have around 60 members and.. hopefully some of you might be joining soon.

For those who have signed up for Beta, you account is still in the database. Login with your old username and password.. Forgot your password? Dont worry, I will be making a forgot password feature soon.. Can't wait? Well, I increased the limit from one (1) Account per IP to 3 (three) accounts per IP. So, join us today.

To the administrators of RPGLounge, I do affiliation a little different.. I dont put affiliate buttons in my footer or anything. Instead, I put them as banners. It will be a rotating banners with a maximum of 12 banners only (no worry, I dont spam affiliate). So.. I would like to have a 468x60 Banners for RPGLounge (If I was approved).

The banner will be placed at the footer.. Smile

What is Milkacrea ?
A Story I've Heard...
Once upon a time, in the earth region, there are two species: Human and Milkacrea. For over hundreds of years, the human species takes Milkacrea for granted.
They capture Milkacrea and use them for battle, monetary, reputation and whatsoever purposes.

A team known as MilkyTeamy aims to save them. It takes them to another region, the Milky Region. There is hope, star and peace for sometime... not until another team, Team Monster finds out about the Milkly Region. It decides to capture the Milkacrea there and send them back to the earth region for trade.
What will the future of Milkacrea hold? What will you do?

Visit us at , registration is simple, no email is needed.
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[Affiliate] Milkacrea

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