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 RPG Lounge Official Rules

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PostSubject: RPG Lounge Official Rules Thu Sep 05, 2013 6:32 am

Since I know some people don't like reading a giant wall of text, I'll tell you the straight rules first, then explain our reasoning next, for those who want to know why a rule is in place. These rules apply for both posting and chatting in the chatbox, unless specified otherwise. Enjoy!

No spamming.

No extreme cursing. This includes starring out curses. (Further explained below)

Be nice.

Be respectful to all members.

Do not mini-mod.

Do not make multiple accounts.

Make sure to post in the correct forums.

Signatures may be no longer than 12 lines. Your signature may include a small image or banner, but nothing too large. Please keep your gifs silent (explained further below). Feel free to have a small link to your site in your signature.

Do not post pirated material.

Do not advertise your forum threads. If you wish to promote your forum/website/thread, do so ONLY in the Affiliation/Promotion sub-forum and in your signature. Do not advertise via PM.

Do not pose as someone you are not.

Do not upload or link explicit material. This is a relatively family safe site, and we would like to keep it that way.

Do not post illegal content.

Please do not promote your site if your site publishes illegal or explicit material.

Do not use BBCode in the chatbox.

Do not necro topics.

Do not share other user's personal info without their consent.

Rule Enforcement

Different members of staff have different tolerances, and it is up to them to decide what's crossing the line of "bad". Our staff has varying views of certain things, which helps to see many sides of situations. All staff is trusted to make unbiased decisions. If you believe a staff member is making an unfair verdict, please send a complaint to Anorak or Cyrus. We will sort it out.

Chatbox Procedure

All rules here apply to the chatbox, as well. You will usually be given a chance to apologize if you break a rule. However, if you continue, you will be either kicked or banned, depending on the severity of your words. Spammers will be given no warning, and will be kicked or banned, depending on their previous record.

Do not use BBCode in the chatbox. It is very annoying and takes up a bunch of space. Don't do it.

Also, don't be stupid and ask to be banned. You'll get banned.

Explanation of our Rules

No Spamming
This one is pretty obvious. Spamming is annoying for all members, and it detracts from quality posts.

No Extreme Cursing
Words like damn and hell are pretty much commonly used now, so we'll let those slide, but please try not to be crude out of respect for others. We don't care if you're talking with someone in private if you know the person is fine with cursing, but just be respectful, okay?
Do not just replace curses with stars. The point of this rule is to have an environment without cursing. Starring out words is still saying them.
On a side note, if there is a song or something with cursing in it, we don't care that much. Just be sure to place it under a spoiler along with AMPLE warning that it is NSFW. (Not Safe For Work)

Be Nice
A basic rule. Be nice to others. We don't want discord within the forums

Show Respect
Show respect to everyone, not just staff! We want people getting along, and we don't like it when people are pointlessly rude to others.

No Mini-Modding
If you don't know what mini-modding is, it is when a user sees someone breaking a rule, then takes it upon theirself to take care of the issue on their own. Moderating the forums is the job of the staff, not members. If you see someone breaking the rules, contact an admin or moderator. If one isn't on, simply PM an administrator or a moderator about the user breaking the rules, along with a screenshot of the incident

No Multiple Accounts
Multiple accounts make it really hard on us staff to issue know who is who. If you have multiple accounts, it really clogs up our system, takes up unnecessary spaces, and creates clutter. Please do not do it.

Post in the Correct Forum
This one's pretty obvious. Post in the right forum, keep things nice and organized.

Signature Length
Keep your signature trimmed down to prevent giant signatures that people have to scroll past on a thread. Please keep gifs relatively silent, as well. This means if there's a lot going on in your gif, i.e. flashing lights, lots of movement, etc, you need to put it under a spoiler.
If you'd like a visual representation of the size your signature may be, it must not be any larger than this red box.

This Red Box!:

Pirated Material
Our site is hosted by a server in the USA. Therefore, it must abide by the US's copywrite laws. Don't post pirated material, we don't want our site taken down.

Advertising Threads
This is generally rude and annoying, don't do it. It's fine to invite a friend to your role play, just don't go around actively advertising it. Promoting your role plays/forums in your signature are fine, as long as they aren't obnoxious. If you wish to promote a website, you may do so in the Affiliation/Promotion section.

Never, ever, ever pose as someone you are not. This can ruin friendships if you say something stupid. Don't do it.

Explicit Material
Family friendly site, guys. No adult content, please.

Illegal Content
Do not post anything discussing illegal content. This abides by the US's laws, so please keep that in mind, no matter how backwards they may seem.

Promoting an Adult or Illegal Site
Much like with other rules regarding explicit and illegal material, we want to keep the site family friendly and out of trouble. Please respect everyone here and don't promote your forum if it allows these topics!

BBCode in the Chatbox
BBCode in regular topics is just fine, but it really messes up the chatbox. It takes up a bunch of space and is annoying overall. Do not do it.

Necroing Topics
Necroing is when you reply to a post that is very old and no longer has any relevance. You can learn more about necroing topics in this thread.

Sharing Personal Info
Never share personal info about other users without their consent. This includes, but is not limited to, real names, areas of residence, profiles on other sites (such as Steam, Facebook, or Twitter), and ages. It is fine to share if you are absolutely sure the user in question is okay with it. If you are unsure, please ask said person before posting their personal info.

Sharing your own personal info is your own choice. Do with it as you please.

Thank you everyone, and enjoy your time at RPG Lounge!

Joe is not allowed to be moderator.

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RPG Lounge Official Rules

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