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 Trapped In The Dark

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PostSubject: Trapped In The Dark Thu Jun 26, 2014 2:20 am

your life has become a living hell, all you know is darkness. you have forgotten what the sun the stars and the moon look like. every day is torture as you live inside a cell rotting away from existence, every day you gain more bruises and scars on your body. no one can be trusted, everyone is an enemy, the evil men hide behind niceness trying to trick you into there trap.

this prison was made by a man of evil, a man who wants to rule the world. he build this prison to make his army by taking young souls then slowly stealing their sanity through torture and mind games. your only choises are to rot inside a cold cell or become on part of his cruel army.

everyone who enters the prison looses their humanity, it is torn from them and replaced with the soul of a werewolf or a vampire.

you must try to escape his grasp and finally regain your freedom. a task no one has ever succeded in doing.

vampire or werewolf-
appearence (remember you are in a prison so no fancy clothes please)-
how you got captured by the mans army-
cell mate name-
cell mates gender-
cell mate werewolf or vampire-
cell mates abilities-
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PostSubject: Re: Trapped In The Dark Fri Jun 27, 2014 2:46 am

Name- James Beck
Gender- Male
Age- 82
Vampire or werewolf- Vampire
Appearance (remember you are in a prison so no fancy clothes please)- He may be of an old age, but the fact of him being a vampire - he looks reasonably young. He has long brown hair which droops over his sparkling, silver eyes which tend to dart around his surrounding attentively. He is currently dressed in the attire of a a prisoner - striped black costume which is torn around where his knees and elbows are.
Skills- With James' new vampiric abilities, he is able to see in the dark, summon numerous bats to his disposal and shift into the form of a full vampire whenever extremely aggravated or moody.
Past- James used to be an old man, waiting for his death until he was taken away by the evil man - turned into a vampire. His whole personality changed from a bored man to a fun-loving, evil and cunning vampire.
How you got captured by the mans army- James Beck was walking home when he was taken away by a black van and brought to these cells.

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PostSubject: Re: Trapped In The Dark Fri Jun 27, 2014 4:14 am

name- Dylan
gender- male
age- 14
vampire or werewolf- werewolf
appearence (remember you are in a prison so no fancy clothes please)- ragged pair of black shorts and shirt.
skills- can change into a were whenever he wants, and doesn't lose his clothes when he shifts, can summon other wolves to his control
past- Dylan had a nice home, with a nice, caring mom and a loving girlfriend, when he went hiking with some friends and was attacked by a wolf-- well, a werewolf.
how you got captured by the mans army- He was attacked by a werewolf, knocked out because of loss of blood, then ended up in a dark, cold room.
cell mate name- skeleton
cell mates gender- unknown
cell mate werewolf or vampire- werewolf
cell mates abilities- unknown

In reference to the roleplay: Hidden IC Channel:

Actually, that ^ really really REALLY looks like the real person... (like, not the ACTOR, the HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT.... who, you know, I know...)
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PostSubject: Re: Trapped In The Dark Sat Jun 28, 2014 1:19 am

name- Ace Ao-Hirkari
gender- male
Sexuality- bisexual
vampire or werewolf- Vampire
appearence (remember you are in a prison so no fancy clothes please)-
skills-inhumanly fast and stealthy, good night vision, can shoot a hawk in the eye while it's 50m up.
how you got captured by the mans army- When he was 11 1/2 his family was killed by the man's army and he fled into the forest. He was sleeping in a cave about 6 months after his parents were killed when he was by the bad people
Past- He was born a "Neko" Which is someone who is half cat. they were originally grouped with the "Half Breeds" but they grew in population and so were given their own name. After being turned into a vampire, kept in a prison cell and beaten for 3 years he has become a Do-Masochist (extreme masochist). He has never tasted blood except his own and is best friends with his cell-mate Just Nightingale.

name-Just Nightingale
Sexuality- straight
vampire or werewolf- werewolf
appearance (remember you are in a prison so no fancy clothes please)-
past- Just was born a "half breed" this means that she was half human and half something else. In here case she was half wolf; this is why she looks the way she does. when she was 12 the bad people took her away and burned her home down with her family locking inside. The bad people took what little humanity she had and threw her into prison. She's been a prisoner for 3 years all of which she's been with Ace and now the two are best friends; bonded by pain, suffering, loneliness and longing.
skills- high pain threshold, good at hand to hand, inhumanly strong.
Other- She's mute.

They are each other's cellmates.


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PostSubject: Re: Trapped In The Dark

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Trapped In The Dark

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