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 10Minutes - Happy Wheels

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PostSubject: 10Minutes - Happy Wheels Fri Apr 11, 2014 3:29 am

Happy Wheels - The Demo
Part of Anorak's Ten Minute Reviews
| Game Play Video

Before you delve into the this ten minute review, I would like to make it clear that this game has a mild amount of violence and gore in it. Therefore, if you don't like games which have gore incorporated, please close this tab and go eat an apple.

Ten Minutes

The Happy Wheels demo site has been loaded up and I am presented with this - an old man with a fist raised which looks extremely injured. There also seems to be a level editing feature in the game, which we won't have enough time for, unfortunately, but you can check it out by clicking HERE. Without further ado, I enter the game and I am presented with a list of user-created levels.

There are about fifteen user created levels you can choose from which are all hardcore and gory. Nearly every level will represent your character being brutally murdered by and obstacle or the chance of losing random body parts.

Once you have found a level, you will be presented with this - where you can choose the character you desire to play as. Most levels have already picked a player for you and in the full game, you can play as many more.

Each character has a different speed and weight, therefore, in some levels you will need to choose a specific character which will be able to execute certain parts of a level perfectly.

In this level, you have been given a gun and you are to destroy a line of zombies which is in your way. This level isn't too hard, and it's enjoyable but there is still the chance of destroyed body parts.

Crashing in this game is horrible and certainly gory, especially when you play as the man with the kid on the back of his bike. Blood explodes from wounds and you often to body parts tumbling after you. When being killed, you often hear groaning and the spurting of blood... wonderful.

The gore level isn't too bad but it could be turned down quite a bit, there's no need for the enormous amount of blood which spurts from a single wound.

I definitely enjoyed myself with this game, and I got quite the laugh. It's enjoyable but extremely hardcore with some levels. If you wanted to watch me play the game, you can do so by clicking HERE.


  • Nice graphics
  • The sounds are realistic - not sure if this is a good thing...
  • Nice character to choose from and the mechanics of Happy Wheels is good.

The BAD:

  • A bit too gory.
  • Some of the characters in this game are like others.
  • The controls for the game are a bit strange.

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10Minutes - Happy Wheels

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