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 Where Sky Meets Water

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Where Sky Meets Water Empty
PostSubject: Where Sky Meets Water Where Sky Meets Water I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 02, 2014 10:12 pm

A spinoff of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

Two kingdoms on the moon Elara were once friendly allies. The kingdom in the sky, Aerodom and the kingdom underwater, Aquadom. The only thing that separated the two was an island called Middle Earth. The island in the middle of the two kingdoms was used as a place for businesses, markets and a meeting place.

Over the years the two kingdoms both wanted to have ownership of Middle Earth, this led to a great war. The war was a sad and terrible two years of Elara. Many people were killed and injured. The two kingdoms could not stand to see their people like this. As an agreement the two decided that Middle Earth would be common grounds, but the sky kingdom still did not like the water kingdom, nor did the water of the sky. Both still had a passionate disliking to one another and it remains to this day.

After many years the kingdoms went about their business. 20 years after the war a prince was born in the sky kingdom. 4 months after the prince was born a princess was born in the water kingdom. The two kingdoms did not know that the heirs to their throne were the same age, and because of their lack of knowledge they did not know that the two would meet and fall in love.

So begins the story where the sky prince met the water princess...
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Where Sky Meets Water

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